How many times have you wanted to skip class because you had to see the next episode of whatever show you’re currently binge watching. I know I’m guilty of this! I realized that this isn’t healthy. Technology can get in the way of life, and you should be able to have fun without it.

I wanted to put myself to the test and see what happened if I went at least 30 minutes a day without technology. The easiest time to do this is in the morning. You can write about whatever comes in your mind, go for a run or just sit in silence. This time will help you to know yourself. It’s easy to get to know other people, but have you ever tried to pry open the guard you have up and learn the deepest darkest secrets about yourself?

When you start doing this, you’ll feel awkward at first. It’s totally normal! But in order to achieve true happiness, you need this part of your day to get grounded and take on whatever comes your way.

Life is hectic and sometimes you just need a breather. Take a minute to evaluate yourself. You’ll be surprised at how much your life will change just by giving yourself 30 minutes. Put Netflix on pause, and find yourself.


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