Cleaning Out Your Life

Everyone knows the normal cleaning process; do laundry, fold clothes, vacuum, dust, etc. Even though we dread doing all of these things, we still set aside time to do them.

It’s crazy the emphasis we put on keeping our house clean, but we seem to never put any care into cleaning out our life.

Life is hectic and crazy.  Sometimes we need to take moments to clean it up, just like we would clean our house.

We seem to put personal goals on the back burner.  Yes, doing things for others is always nice and we should always strive to help, but putting yourself first every once in a while never hurts.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to lose weight, but all your family wants is Chic-Fil-A.  Set aside time to eat where you want to eat.  Reach the goals you want to accomplish!

Never underestimate yourself, and never put yourself on the back burner.  You matter just as much as anyone else, and life is too short to take yourself for granted.


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