DIY Lip Scrub

If you struggle with peeling, dry lips, you know the pain that comes along with it.

This DIY lip scrub will help you get through the cold months when your lips need a little extra help!

2016-03-02 19.10.55

What you’ll need:

-Coconut Oil

-Cane Sugar (you can just use the sugar you have at home)


How to make:

-In a microwaveable bowl, scoop out enough coconut oil to almost fill your container.

-Microwave this for 20 seconds and stir.

-Add in sugar. (make sure you add enough so that it can exfoliate your lips)

-Pour mixture into your container.

How to use:

-Gently rub mixture on lips for 20 seconds.

-Rinse, and apply chapstick (or more coconut oil)!



This mixture is also great to use on chapped hands!



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