Does music really help?

Music. One of my absolute favorite things to talk about. Some people are complete music enthusiasts, while others just listen because it’s on. But did you know that music can really help with a number of things?

The most important thing I would say music helps with is focussing. Yes, some people say they need complete silence in order to focus, but this is not always the case. If you are anything like me, silence drives you insane, especially when you start to focus on something. I get into my head way too much and my imagination starts going crazy. I start thinking of billions of other things I’d rather be doing than the task I’m supposed to be working on.

I used to fall into the cliche of thinking that music would only add to this annoying voice in my head, but it actually helps it go away! I will admit that it’s so much easier to focus when I have INSTRUMENTAL music on in the background. Music with vocals sometimes distracts me because I find myself singing along and then end up writing lyrics as the answer to a math problem, you know how that goes. One song I love listening to when I’m doing homework, reading or anything in general that involves deep focusing is “Frederica” by Do Make Say Think.

So aside from helping you focus, music is a great stress reliever. Every time I want to calm down and give myself a pamper night, I put on Tycho, specifically the Awake album. These songs are instrumental, but they take you somewhere out of this world. All of the songs are very calming, but strangely enough, they have an upbeat sound. You would think  since they are calming, the songs themselves would be calm, but they definitely have a  sound like no other. Next time you are trying to lift all of that stress off of you shoulders, put on some Tycho and get ready to be transported somewhere you’ve never been!

Okay, okay, let’s take a break from the instrumental music and go into something a little harder. Have you ever had a really bad day that just made you want to beat someone up? If you have, you are in luck. Music is to the rescue…again! I’ll admit that I have a tiny (okay, maybe a little larger than tiny) temper. I’m trying to work on this, so I’ve turned to music to get my anger out for me. Don’t try to listen to the songs mentioned above when you’re super angry. This will only make you think about your anger, and you’ll end up getting way more angry than you were in the first place. Instead, listen to something like Korn if you are into that kind of thing, or you could go for a little softer vibe and listen to something by Senses Fail (they are one of my all time favorites).

Last but not least, when you are sad, there is music out there to help cure your pain. There’s two ways you can go about this. The first is by listening to sad music that you can cry to, the second is by listening to happy music that will cheer you up! I do both of these. Sometimes I just feel like crying and I need music to help me push that cry out. Other times, I just want to stop feeling sad so I put on the most uplifting song I can think of. I’m sure you know a lot of depressing songs that will make you cry, but I suggest “The Funeral” by Band of Horses. If you want to go the cheerful route, you can never go wrong with Vampire Weekend!

We are all human beings which means whether we like it or not, we are emotional, and that’s totally okay (and normal). Instead of keeping your emotions in, let them out by getting comforted with music. Instead of listening to mainstream music that society tells you to listen to, find your own music that helps heal you from within. Your music should speak to you directly, that’s why it’s YOUR music.



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