4 things I wish I knew about makeup in middle school

Middle school is weird for everybody. It’s that awkward phase that everyone unfortunately has to go through to make it to adulthood. When I look back on pictures of me in middle school, I really wish I could burn them all. One of the things that draws my attention is definitely my makeup. There is so much I have learned about makeup that I wish I knew back in middle school. Maybe it would have been more bearable if I had known these tips.

1. Less is more

Yes, you hear this all the time. But less is seriously more. I used to wear so much eyeliner. Raccoon eyes were my thing.

Dear Ashley,
Raccoon eyes are not cute. And no. It does not bring out your eyes.

2. Match your skin

Buying dark makeup to make you look tan, DOES NOT make you tan. It makes you stupid.

Did a cheesy Dorito eat your face?

3. Blush is meant to be used 

Please put some color on that face.

You look like you just came back from the dead.

4. Make your lips look natural 


I guess over-lining your lips to look like The Joker was considered cute back in middle school.

No Ashley. It wasn’t. This is why you had no friends.


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