When the storm passes

I’m sleeping soundly through the night, caught up in some dream that has long escaped my memory by now, when all of the sudden I’m woken by the sound of rain pelting my window, thunder rumbling as loud as it can rumble, and a terrifying blue light flickering on and off through the windows in my room. I sit up in bed and take a deep breath trying to calm down from the sudden jolt of the storm that has just woke me. I check my phone to look at the radar and all I see is red lighting up on my screen, indicating that it’s going to be a very stormy, sleepless night.

The thing about storms is that they never really go away. Once they move away from the location you are in, they head on down the road to a different location. After the storm has passed and you are finally able to get some sleep, another person is in their room suddenly woken by the same storm that interrupted your dreams.

This is similar to what happens in life.

At some point or another, we are all faced with troubling times. These times can feel like they are going to last a lifetime, but in reality, they will pass just like the storms pass. Do the memories of the hardships go away? No, but with everyday it gets a little easier.

When you are at your lowest of lows, know that you are not alone. Your struggles will soon become somebody else’s struggles. Use what you learned in your hardships to help others around you. Isn’t that really what life is about? Helping others through the storm?

God put us all on the earth for some reason. That reason might be having to endure something really painful, but the way you handle the painful situation shows how you will be rewarded when your time here on this earth is done.

Keep your trust in God to get you through the storm.

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you.”
Isaiah 43:2


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