DIY Body Butter


Lately I’ve been researching about products that we don’t think twice about lathering our body in. One thing I discovered is that body butter/lotion is full of all kinds of yucky things that we should not be putting on our body.

After some debating with myself and Pinterest searching, I finally came to the conclusion to throw away all of my beloved Bath and Body lotions and replace them with a healthy, all natural body butter.

I decided to combine a few recipes together that I found and I am very pleased with my results! Actually, I’m so pleased that I’m not missing my Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion that has been a staple in my life for many years.

The fun thing about making your own body butter is that you get to create your personal scent. You can make your body butter smell like anything ranging from lavender, to vanilla, to lavender vanilla! Read below to learn how to make your skin soft and beautiful the natural way!Unknown-4-What you’ll need
Shea Butter (1/2 to 1 cup)
Sweet Almond Oil (1/2 cup)
Coconut Oil (1/2 cup)
Essential Oil/Oils (20 drops)


-How to
1. Melt and stir shea butter, sweet almond oil and coconut oil over the stove using a double broiler.
2. Let mixture cool in fridge. Make sure you allow time to fully cool! It should almost be a solid.
3. Place mixture in a bowl.
4. Add your signature scent. 20-25 drops of essential oils works best!
5. Whip together with a mixer and watch your creation magically turn to body butter!
6. Pour body butter into a glass jar.
7. Enjoy your soft skin!


When the storm passes

I’m sleeping soundly through the night, caught up in some dream that has long escaped my memory by now, when all of the sudden I’m woken by the sound of rain pelting my window, thunder rumbling as loud as it can rumble, and a terrifying blue light flickering on and off through the windows in my room. I sit up in bed and take a deep breath trying to calm down from the sudden jolt of the storm that has just woke me. I check my phone to look at the radar and all I see is red lighting up on my screen, indicating that it’s going to be a very stormy, sleepless night.

The thing about storms is that they never really go away. Once they move away from the location you are in, they head on down the road to a different location. After the storm has passed and you are finally able to get some sleep, another person is in their room suddenly woken by the same storm that interrupted your dreams.

This is similar to what happens in life.

At some point or another, we are all faced with troubling times. These times can feel like they are going to last a lifetime, but in reality, they will pass just like the storms pass. Do the memories of the hardships go away? No, but with everyday it gets a little easier.

When you are at your lowest of lows, know that you are not alone. Your struggles will soon become somebody else’s struggles. Use what you learned in your hardships to help others around you. Isn’t that really what life is about? Helping others through the storm?

God put us all on the earth for some reason. That reason might be having to endure something really painful, but the way you handle the painful situation shows how you will be rewarded when your time here on this earth is done.

Keep your trust in God to get you through the storm.

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you.”
Isaiah 43:2

My Favorite Foundation


Ever since I can remember, I have loved playing with makeup. I remember my mom putting on her makeup, and me not being able to wait until I could wear my own. Now that I’m older, I have to really watch the makeup I put on my face. I have super sensitive skin that breaks out when most things touch it.

Additionally, I have rosacea. This causes my skin to look red, and sometimes I want to cover up the redness.

I started getting pretty upset because there was no way for me to hide the redness when every foundation I put on my face broke me out! It got to the point where I had to decide between a face that had breakouts or a face that was red.

The obvious choice was a red face, but I knew there had to be something out there to help my skin.

I went in Sephora and one of the sales associates suggested that I try Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation.

Let me tell you something. This stuff changed my life! I know that sounds silly, but any girl will understand.

Not only does Tarte makeup cover up my redness, it actually improves the texture of my skin. The best part about this product is that it’s made from natural ingredients and it’s not tested on animals.

If you have sensitive skin but still want to wear makeup, try out this foundation. I have normal skin; not too dry, and not too oily.

Keep in mind that this foundation is on the pricey side, but it’s definitely worth it if you have sensitive skin!



How to get yourself out of a rut

We’ve all had those days (or months) where we lose all interest in doing life. This can be caused by a number of things, but instead of being depressed, try out these tips and start living your life again! There’s no need for you to waste your time sitting alone!

1. Put on those tight pants


When you’re going through a rough time, chances are you only want to wear sweatpants. What we wear really reflects on our mood, so put on your cutest outfit to cheer yourself up!

2. Get out of the house


Even if you have no-one to go out with, still go! Sitting on the couch and watching Netflix will only make you feel tired and lazy.

3. Dance, dance, and dance


Nothing boosts your mood more than dancing. So have a dance party (it’s okay if you look stupid)!

4. Change your diet


We are what eat, so if you eat McDonald’s fries all of the time, you are going to be greasy and lazy. Eat some fruits and veggies. Be that vibrant cucumber!

5. Watch a funny movie


You might be tempted to cry over the latest Nicholas Sparks’ movie. DON’T DO IT! Watch something that will make you laugh!

It’s all okay

You get the phone call saying you got the job. The pay is good, the work is good, life is good. You start the job and you absolutely love it. You think about how lucky you are everyday. You get to work from home, and nothing could get any better.

You start getting pushed out of the company. Your pay drops, your work gets taken advantage of, life is not so good. You’re conflicted on what to do. Should you quit? Should you talk to your boss? But your boss has been so good to you. You can’t believe she is doing this to you.

You go into the realization that this company is only causing negativity in your life. You do the only thing you can possibly do and quit.

You feel relief. You feel all of the stress being lifted off your shoulders. No more working late into the night. No more dread of getting up in the morning to work on an endless pit of work. You are free.

Then it sets in. You don’t have a job. You went from making good money, to  medium money, to no money. You apply for jobs with the hope for something as good as you had it at the beginning, but nothing comes along.

You settle for a retail job and realize that everything is going to be okay.

There is going to be times in your life that you will be taken advantage of. Things won’t work out, and you’ll feel like your dreams are crumbling. Your dreams will only crumble if you let them.

I recently experienced a situation like this with a company I thought I would be with for a very long time. I thought the outcome was going to be perfect, but it ended in all of my hard work being taken over. It hurt and I got really sad about it, but now I realize that sometimes you can’t put all of your trust in people. YOU are the only person that can make your dreams come true.

From being taken advantage of, I’ve learned valuable lessons that I will take with me in life. Looking back on it, I think it was honestly a blessing. It has made me become a go getter. I’m no longer afraid to try out new things. If they fall through, I know it’s all going to be okay.

Sometimes the things that hurt the most are the most valuable lessons we have. Take each experience with a grain of salt, and never become crushed when someone makes you feel like you’re not good enough. You are always good enough. Go prove them wrong.

Always sign a contract when going into a job.

4 things I wish I knew about makeup in middle school

Middle school is weird for everybody. It’s that awkward phase that everyone unfortunately has to go through to make it to adulthood. When I look back on pictures of me in middle school, I really wish I could burn them all. One of the things that draws my attention is definitely my makeup. There is so much I have learned about makeup that I wish I knew back in middle school. Maybe it would have been more bearable if I had known these tips.

1. Less is more

Yes, you hear this all the time. But less is seriously more. I used to wear so much eyeliner. Raccoon eyes were my thing.

Dear Ashley,
Raccoon eyes are not cute. And no. It does not bring out your eyes.

2. Match your skin

Buying dark makeup to make you look tan, DOES NOT make you tan. It makes you stupid.

Did a cheesy Dorito eat your face?

3. Blush is meant to be used 

Please put some color on that face.

You look like you just came back from the dead.

4. Make your lips look natural 


I guess over-lining your lips to look like The Joker was considered cute back in middle school.

No Ashley. It wasn’t. This is why you had no friends.

Surviving your first year of college

Leaving for college can be a really tough thing for some people. On the other hand, some people LOVE it. Unfortunately, I was not one of those people that immediately loved college. I have made some changes to make college bearable for me, but if it wasn’t for me understanding the importance of having a degree (and having my family encourage me to stay), I would have probably dropped out that first year. Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t drop out and I think college is very important for you to be successful in adult life. I’m going to tell you my story with Freshman year of college, and some tips to get through your first year.

First, let me give you some background on myself.

I have never been a school person. I didn’t like kindergarten, and I didn’t like high school. It’s just not my cup of tea. I was hoping that college would change my mentality. I tried to be positive about it, but my first semester of college was one of the worst experiences of my life.

When I went to Freshman orientation, I signed up to be a Communication major with a concentration in Journalism. I have a passion for writing, so I thought that Journalism would be the perfect thing for me. I signed up for all of my classes and was super nervous, but pretty excited about it.

When I went back home from orientation, I had a lot of time to think. I have always loved children and have been babysitting since I can remember. When I was eight years old, I became an aunt. Thinking about all of this made me second guess myself on majoring in Journalism. After talking to some people, they all agreed with me that I should change my major to Early Education.

The following week, I drove back up to campus and changed my major to Early Education (yes, I was that person that changed my major before school even began). I signed up for all of my classes and felt good about my decision. I still loved writing, but I thought I could write as a hobby on the side of being a teacher.

When the fall rolled around, school started. I went to all of my classes, and I enjoyed them the first two weeks. After that, everything went down hill.

Nothing in me wanted to be a teacher, but I had to finish out my first semester as an Education major. The majority of my classes were Education classes (which is awful when you decide you do not want to be a teacher). In my math class, I was learning what seemed like a totally new language (welcome to common core Ashley).

I knew that I had made the wrong choice, and all I wanted to do was go back to Journalism. I went ahead and changed my major back to Journalism and signed up for my Spring classes.

I was lucky, and most of my Education credits transferred.

My first piece of advice is listen to your instinct when deciding on a major. If you have no clue what you want to do, sign up for only gen. ed classes. I’m 100% positive that if I stayed in Journalism, my first semester would have been so much better.

My school requires Freshman to stay in dorms. I did not like staying in a dorm at all. I like to be by myself sometimes to wind down. I like to have a lot of personal space. I also like to constantly have music on, and when you have a roommate, that can’t always happen.

Dorms are great for people who like to party, but I’d rather be reading a book than partying. Whether or not your going to enjoy living in a dorm completely depends on your personality.

If you like quietness and you are not a partier, I recommend not staying in a dorm.

My second semester of my Freshman year was so much better than the first. Doing the simple thing of changing my major back to Journalism changed everything.

Now I’m in my second semester of my Sophomore year and college isn’t that bad. I live in an apartment where I can cook and have silence when I’m sleeping! Remember that just because this was my experience with Freshman year of college, your’s could be totally different. Always make sure you’re working toward a degree in something you love, and you will always be happy!